Utilitarianism and Malthus

ChremaschiAutor: Sergio Cremaschi

Título: Utilitarianism and Malthus’ Virtue Ethics: Respectable, Virtuous and Happy

Editorial: 2014, Routledge Studies in the History of Economics

Resumen: This book reconstructs Malthus’s meta-ethics, his normative ethics and his applied ethics on such topics as population, poverty, sexuality and war and slavery. They show how Malthus’s understanding of his own population theory and political economy was that of sub-disciplines of moral and political philosophy. Empirical enquiries required in order to be able to pronounce justified value judgments on such matters as the Poor Laws. But Malthus’s population theory and political economy were no value-free science and his non-utilitarian policy advice resulted from his overall system of ideas and was explicitly based on a set of familiar moral assumptions.


Novelas económicas de Harriet Martineau

Autor: Harriet Martineau Título: Novelas Económicas Edición: Ecobook. Editorial del Economista, 2013-2015        

New Routledge Book

Economics, Entrepreneurship and Utopia The Economics of Jeremy Bentham and Robert Owen By Estrella Trincado, Manuel Santos-Redondo © Routledge, www.routledge.com/9781138186132 198 pages | 1 B/W Illus. ——————————————————– Description In the early 1800s, Robert Owen was

The Birth of Economic Rhetoric. Communication, Arts and Economic Stimulus in David Hume and Adam Smith

Author: Estrella Trincado Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan; Edición: 1st ed. 2019 This book explores and compares the works of two great economists and philosophers, David Hume and Adam Smith, considering their

Boletín de la Asociación Ibérica de Historia del Pensamiento Económico

Autor: AIHPE Año: Desde 2006 Título: Boletín Descripción: Novedades de historia del pensamiento hispano-portuguesas

Ideas in the History of Economic Development: The Case of Peripheral Countries

Edited By Estrella Trincado, Andrés Lazzarini, Denis Melnik Edition 1st Edition, First Published 2019, eBook Published 5 August 2019 Pub. Location London, Imprint Routledge DOI https://doi.org/10.4324/9780429270505 Pages 306 pages, eBook ISBN9780429270505 Summary This

Economistas que se equivocan «Las raices culturales de la crisis»

Autor: Alessandro Roncaglia Año: 2015 Título: Economistas que se equivocan «Las raices culturales de la crisis» Descripción: La tesis de este libro es que los errores del pensamiento dominante (la reducción de