The Birth of Economic Rhetoric. Communication, Arts and Economic Stimulus in David Hume and Adam Smith

Author: Estrella Trincado

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan; Edición: 1st ed. 2019

This book explores and compares the works of two great economists and philosophers, David Hume and Adam Smith, considering their contributions to language, perception, sympathy, reason, art and theatre to find a general theory of rationality and economics. The author considers and analyses both figures through a range of approaches, and moves on to demonstrate how different concepts of language affect Hume’s and Smith’s idea of value and economic growth. This book contributes to a wider literature on communication and language to demonstrate that economics is linked to rhetoric and is an essential part of human nature.



Costal tourism in Southern Europe in the XXth Century: New Economy and Material Culture

Patrizia Battilani, Carlos Larrinaga Rodríguez (eds.). Peter Lang Tourism constitutes one of the most important economic and social activities in contemporary societies. This has not always been the case and, in

Regional Inequality in Spain «1860-2015»

      Alfonso Díez-Minguela,  Julio Martínez-Galarraga, Daniel Tirado Editorial: Palgrave Fecha publicación: 2019 ISBN: 978-3-319-96109-5 Páginas: 302

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Se titula Pioneros. Empresas y empresarios en le primer tercio del siglo XX en España y puedes descargar su índice e introducción aquí. Este jueves día 12 de noviembre va

Inter and Post-war Tourism in Western Europe, 1916–1960

Carmelo Pellejero MartínezMarta Luque Aranda (Eds.) This edited collection is a novel book with contributions from eleven expert researchers on the history of tourism in Europe. This book explores the growth of

Comercio, Finanzas y Fiscalidad en Castilla (siglos XV-XVI)

        Hilario Casado Editorial: Editorial Dykinson ISBN: 9788491489689 Páginas: 340

Entrepreneurship in Spain. A History

MATÉS-BARCO, Juan Manuel y CARUANA DE LAS CAGIGAS, Leonardo (eds.) (2021): Entrepreneurship in Spain. A History, New York-London, Routledge. 210 págs. ISBN: 97803676449227. The figure of the entrepreneur has become