Call for papers

April (2018) Call for papers:

Revista de Historia Económica-Journal of Iberian and Latin American Economic History. Fast Track Meeting: Special Issue on Portuguese Economic and Social History

March (2018) Call for papers:

Revista Electrónica de Fuentes y Archivos (REFA)

CfP – Historiografía, revista de Historia y Teoría

CfP – Revista DIACRONIE – “Viajes y Turismo en el s. XX”

February (2018) Call for papers:

EREH Fast Track Meeting, 13-14 April, 2018, Berlin

CfP – Business History Call for Papers: Special Issue

FHR (Financial History Review) –  New Scholars Fast-Track Workshop

November (2017) Call for papers:

Call for papers Revista de Relaciones Internacionales UAM

August (2017) Call for papers:

CfP-Revista Historia Autónoma

CfP-Environmental Questions in Great Britain: Between Visibility and Marginalisation

CfP-History of Corporate Finance

July (2017) Call for papers:

Convocatoria abierta – Revista Electrónica de Fuentes y Archivos

May (2017) Call for papers:

CfP – Revista electrónica de fuentes y archivos

March (2017) Call for papers:

CFP – Estudios de Historia de España

CFP- Special Issue of Sustainability – “Natural Resources Economics”

February (2017) Call for papers:

CFP: Food and Agriculture

CFP: Arcadia Summer Vol. 2017

CFP – Agrarian history of the West African Savannah in the pre-colonial period (Études Rurales)

December (2016) Call for papers:

CFP – Special issue of Business History on Secondhand Economies

CFP – Journal of Interdisciplinary Economics (Special Sectionon Migration: Change and Continuity)

November (2016) Call for papers:

Call for Submissions – The Journal of Labor and Society

CFP: Diacronie – Studi di Storia Contemporanea

October (2016) Call for papers:

CFP – Secuencia-Revista de historia y ciencias sociales

September (2016) Call for papers:

CFP Retail Trade, Consumption, and the Construction of Markets from the 19th to the 21st Century (Scandinavian Economic History Review)

Special Issue Call For Papers: The History of Business and War (Scandinavian Economic History Review)

Convocatoria para publicar artículos en la nueva revista Tiempo de Historia

August (2016) Call for papers:

CFP: Business History Special Issue

Convocatoria del Número 35 de Caleidoscopio. Revista semestral de Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades

July (2016) Call for papers:

CFP- Revista de Historia Autónoma

June (2016) Call for papers:

Two CFP for especial issues of the Journal of Historical Research in Marketing

May (2016) Call for papers:

CFP: The History of Business and War (Scandinavian Economic History Review – Special Issue Call For Papers)

CFP: Special issue of the Journal of Contextual Economics (JOCE) on “The idea of Justice in Economics”

CFP: Número Especial de *Investigaciones de Historia Económica

 April (2016) Call for papers:

CFP: Gender and food. Social dynamics, cultures, politics. Genesis. Rivista della Società Italiana delle Storiche (2017,1)

CFP: Fallows. ilinx – Berliner Beiträge zur Kulturwissenschaft (2016,5)

CFP: Les anciennes et nouvelles figures de la planification en Afrique

March (2016) Call for papers:

CFP: The Independent Review – Egalitarianism: Fair and Equal?

CFP: Revista Secuencia. Convocatoria Número Especial

CFP: Products from Overseas in Europe: Circulation, Transformation and Consumption (16th-18th centuries)

CFP: Revista de Historia Autónoma

CFP: Número Especial de *Investigaciones de Historia Económica

February (2016) Call for papers:

CFP: Journal of Contextual Economics

Convocatoria próximo dossier de la revista Claves

Convocatoria: Número sobre Fotografía y Guerra Civil de la Revista “Fotocinema”

Call for Papers (book): The Struggle for Libertad. Hispanic Anarcho-Syndicalists and their Transnational Networks (draft tittle)

January (2016) Call for papers:

Revista Historia Autónoma: plazo de recepción de artículos y reseñas

Call for Papers: History and Perspectives 2016 Special Issue: Chinese American Archives, Collections, and Librarians

Revista Rubrica Contemporánea

December (2015) Call for papers:

Noticias CEDDAR Diciembre 2015

CFP: Nº8 Revista Historia Vegas Altas

November (2015) Call for papers:

CFP: Revista Sémata. Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades

CFP: Semestre Económico. Publicación de la Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Administrativas de la Universidad de Medellín

October (2015) Call for papers:

CFP: Capitalism, Crises and European Integration from 1945 to the present

CFP: The Brand and its History: Economic, Business, and Social Value

September (2015) Call for papers:

Life & Law in Rural America. Cows, Cars, and Criminals

Feeding cities in history – the rural geography of urban food security

Southern Capitalisms

Economic and Social History Society of Ireland 2015 Annual Conference.

Odense Frontier Research in Economic and Social History (FRESH) Meeting and 1 st Annual Meeting of the Danish Society for Economic and Social History.

13th International Conference on Urban History, ‘Reinterpreting Cities’