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The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis is the center of the Eighth District of the Federal Reserve System. This District includes Arkansas, eastern Missouri, southern Illinois and Indiana, western Kentucky and Tennessee, and northern Mississippi.

The Research Division of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis is responsible for advising the Bank president on matters of economic policy. The Division monitors the economic and financial literature and produces research in the areas of money and banking, macroeconomics, and international and regional economics.

A diverse group of Bank publications allows the Research Division to address quickly changing economic trends, explore the relevance of historical and current data for economic policy, and expand the understanding of issues relevant to the Eighth District and beyond.

The Research Division also furnishes its working papers to provide insight into current Bank interests and developing theories and to stimulate discussion.

This site offers a wealth of economic data and information to promote economic education and enhance economic research. The widely used database FRED is updated regularly and allows 24/7 access to regional and national financial and economic data.


Las crisis económicas del siglo XX

Documentos RNE analiza las crisis económicas del siglo XX y sus repercusiones en España. Documentos RNE emitido el 4 de octubre de 2008

El poder del pueblo

SERIE DOCUMENTAL: El Siglo del Pueblo, 1900-1999 DOCUMENTAL: El poder del pueblo PRODUCTORA: BBC y WGBH/BOSTON DIRECTOR: M. Whithy AÑO: 1995 DURACIÓN: 53 minutos Esta magnífica serie permite conocer los

Miguel Muñiz de las Cuevas, 1943

Yolanda Blasco Martel

El poder del dinero

Serie documental: El poder del dinero Productora: Channel 4, BBC y Chimerica Media Production Director: Adrian Pennink Año: 2008 Duración: 47 minutos  Sinopsis: Para algunos el dinero es la raíz

Joan Sardà Dexeus (1910-1995)

Rocío Sánchez-Lissen