Contrato predoctoral en Tarragona

Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV), Martí i Franquès COFUND Doctoral Programme

In 2020, one selected candidate will be the beneficiary of a 3-year working contract with all benefits attached. This contract includes high level interdisciplinary, inter-sectorial, and international training with personalized career development plans involving soft-skills training, secondments and mentoring. Over 50 partner organisations actively support this programme.

– One of the best salaries at PhD level in Europe. Gross monthly salary of approximately 2.200 €. Apart from the salary, URV will contribute up to 7.500 € each year to the cost of the fellow’s travels, research and training.
– 3-6 months secondments at international (and in some cases intersectoral) partner organizations.
– An international environment, supported by the adherence to the European Charter & Code.
– Enrolment in excellent PhD programmes.
– Opportunity to do research in a top 500 universities in the world (76 in THE Young universities ranking).
– Access to high-quality infrastructures for research & innovation.
– Gender balanced, Open, Transparent and Merit based Recruitment.
– Equal opportunities for all.

Title of the research project: Financial Integration in Europe during the 19th-20th Centuries
Keywords: European Financial Integration
Research line: Quantitative Financial History
PhD Programme: Economics and Business

The aim of the current project is to measure financial comovements and spillover effects among the European markets and those between the European and world markets. To that end, we plan to provide a systematic and finely detailed quantitative assessment of the evolution of these financial links over a long-time span covering almost two centuries of data. In this setting, an interesting hypothesis to test is how strong were the links in the local European markets during the long nineteenth century and how this affected their integration in the twentieth century. The final aim of the project to analyse European financial comovements and spillovers in a global perspective and in relation to North America, Asia, Latin America and Middle East, answering the question of whether and when international European financial linkages strengthened. The project adopts several useful econometric techniques such as regime-switching models (threshold, Markov-switching), structural break methods, common factor models, fractional integration, vector autoregressions (VAR models) and the Diebold-Yilmaz financial connectedness methods. We will also pay a special attention to identification of financial market-specific shocks to analyse a propagation of information from one market to the others.

The candidate must hold an undergraduate degree in Economics, a master’s degree in Economics (or in Finance, Economic History) and have a very good background in quantitative methods.

For further information, consult the MFP-COFUND website.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Thesis supervisors:
Nektarios Aslanidis Yuliya Lovcha
E-mail: E-mail:


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