12th BETA-Workshop in Historical Economics


The 2020 BETA-Workshop in Historical Economics will be hosted by the University of Strasbourg from 28 to 29 May 2020 and organized in association with the Bureau d’Economie Théorique et Appliquée (BETA, http://www.beta-umr7522.fr), the Association Française de Cliométrie (AFC, http://www.cliometrie.org) and Cliometrica (Springer Verlag, http://www.springer.com/journal/11698).

It will take place at the College Doctoral Européen, 46 Boulevard de la Victoire, 67000 Strasbourg.

We welcome proposals in all aspects of cliometrics covering a wide range of periods and countries. For each proposed paper, please send us by e-mail, as soon as possible and before January 25th 2020, a short abstract of 400 words. Full papers are expected before the April 30th 2020.

Important dates

Deadline for abstract submission: January 25th 2020

Notification of organizers’ decision: February 29th 2020

Deadline for papers submission: April 30th 2020

A selection of papers presented at the 12th BETA Workshop will be considered for publication in Cliometrica.

Speakers who submit a proposal to the Workshop should be able to obtain independent financial support for their travel and conference attendance.

Please do not hesitate to circulate this call for papers as widely as possible.

For paper proposals and practical matters, contact the organizers:


Magali Jaoul-Grammare, Charlotte Le Chapelain, Faustine Perrin.


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