Fernando Collantes


Earl J. Hamilton 2010

“Rural Europe reshaped: the economic transformation of upland regions, 1850–2000”, Economic History Review, 62, 2 (2009), pp. 306–323.

Resumen del artículo:

Abstract: Agriculture is no longer the main sector in the economy of rural Europe. Based on a comparative analysis of nine upland areas from five different countries (Scotland, Switzerland, France, Italy, and Spain), this article argues that, contrary to the claims of most social science work on ‘rural restructuring’, the decline of agriculture in the rural economy should be understood from a long-term perspective and in relation to European industrialization, rather than as a recent process linked to postmodern dynamics. In fact, widely diverging paths of rural change during industrialization similarly imply occupational change.

Fernando Collantes es Profesor Titular de Historia e Instituciones económicas de la Universidad de Zaragoza.
E-mail: collantf@unizar.es

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